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Fitsystem is an online reservation system made-to-measure everyone, who runs any kind of sports activity, wellness & fitness centres, sports centres, hairdressing salons, bowling, massages, pneuservis, salons, kindergartens, and many more.

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Main advantages of the system

bellow there is a list of basic options the system has to offer. More about the system and all of it's modules can be seen on a page About product

Online reservations

Credit system

Cash-desk with stock supply

Clients entry by using the barcode scanner

Season cards and membership

Internet payment gateways (GoPay,PayPal)

Group services substitutes

Complete clients and administrators archive

Administrators accounts and their rights



Sending of SMS

Simple and well-arranged

Everything has been set so that a person (client or the systems owner) orientate themselves right away in the reservation system and so they will be able to maintain all of the reservations by themselves within minutes.

System is modular

You can see recommendation on our webpage about which modules could be good for you, however, you can also administrate the modules by your own needs and choose what you want to have in the system. And in the end you pay only for the modules that you use..

Delivery speed

System is ready to use do pár minut. All you need is to try it and then order the modules, you'd like to have. After that you will be sent an emaila na email with all the access and details, which will enable you to use the system right away.

System's safety

Incomunnicable part of the system is it's safety. All the data is secured and has a backup made every day. The same stands for our server, that hase the reservation system on. This system is protected against assaults and fallouts.

Do you run your services without reservations?
The barcode scanner can help you with that.

If you offere services without the need for reservations, but you still want to have an electronic cash-desk, or if you want to have na option file season cards by using barcode scanner etc., then you can use our system for those too.

As an ideal example for this are gyms. You do not need reservations to use weights and machines, but you need to file entries, or each membership (for instance monthly season cards) etc. These entries need to be withdrawn and controlled. By using a barcode scanner you can simply withdraw entries from your clients (by beeping a plastic card on the scanner), or control time limited cards, and by using the shop you can sell season cards, as well as all of your goods.

All you need is only module Season cards and Shop

Do you not have a webpage ? Do you own a franchise company ?

contact us so we can arrange special prices for reservation system or web page

Do you not have your own webpage and you are seeking a company which could make one for you ? Then again, you have taken the right path,  as we also deal with web page production, furthermore we produce information systems and mobile applications.

It is a big advantage to have a reservation system and a web page from one company, as when needing anything you will always communicate with the same person and you will not have to think about who you have which service ordered from.

In case that you own a franchise company and you are seeking the right reservation system, do contact us through the contact form and we will arrange special prices right for you.