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What is the fitsystem?

It doesn´t matter if you did not choose the path of understanding of our reservation system, nevertheless, we would like to invite you to our demo version through which we can introduce you to the system and you can try everything out live here.

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What actually is the Fitsystem ?
Fitsystem is an online rezervation system which is adapted and made to measure everyone operating any kind of sports activity, wellness & fitness centres, sports centres, hair saloons, bowling, massages, tyreservis and many other services. It is a genuine professional product, which will make your work while operating any kind of service that need reservations.

Your work made easier = more free time and no unnecessary paperwork. Just one click and everything is taken care of.

The advantage of our reservation system is in it´s simplicity and lucidity. Everything has been designed to orientate oneself in the system quickly, either you are a client or an administrator, and to be able to operate all of the reservations.

This online reservation system is modular, while installing it, you will choose only the modules you need in your system. Nothing more will be displayed in your reservation system. This is also a reason which makes the system simle and lucid. You can find out more about modules in the section reservation system modules.

An indiscerptible part of the system is its safety. All data are secured and a regular backup is being made. And also the server, at which the system is running, is protected against failures and blackouts.

Do you want to start using our Fitsystem ?

Did you like our DEMO and you would like to start using our system ?

Did you know, that you can start the fitsystem without calling us and without waing hours or days before you will have your system ready to use ?

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By clicknig you yourself will set what you want to use in our online reservation system, you will choose what suits the service you run. We are ready to help you in case you are at your wit´s end, just contact us throught the contact form.

Do you own a franchise company ?

In case that you own a franchise company and you are seeking the right reservation system, do contact us through the contact form and we will arrange special prices right for you.

Do you not have a webpage ?

Do you not have your own webpage and you are seeking a company which could make one for you ? Then again, you have taken the right path,  as we also deal with web page production, furthermore we produce information systems and mobile applications.

It is a big advantage to have a reservation system and a web page from one company, as when needing anything you will always communicate with the same person and you will not have to think about who you have which service ordered from.